Illustrating process looping


The spiral and circle are both good for illustrating looping behavior, but can be used differently for emphasizing different parts of the concept being illustrated.  A spiral shows repetitive actions with the focus being on growth without over emphasizing the process itself.  The circle is more process oriented for showing these linkages.  In both cases, there really isn't a beginning or an end, though the spiral has some difficulty illustrating that concept.  A circle has a beginning and an end only if the author or reader so chooses to identify it.  Otherwise, everything flows eventually into itself.  Normal text requires the author to make a decision on where in the circle to start since the text is linear.  Alternatively, working on web applications breaks this limitation because hyperlinks form a network and are not linear, leaving the reader to pick where to start their investigation.


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Transformative Networking connecting change leaders to enable self-organized grassroots change.

Next Steps While still conceptual, transformative networking offers the possibility of leading change through the networking of those already interested or involved in similar initiatives, effectively tearing down existing silos of practice that exist across disciplines and fields of work.  The next step is to develop a proof of concept built on the theoretical underpinnings above, possibly using Google Wave as the collaboration platform.  Included will be identifying the minimal structure and governance required to enable self-organization within the network while not constraining what might emerge.  Join this initiative and help create the future of organizing - networking communities of interest.    

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